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Toilet Spray I Assorted I Bundle-Package I 2oz by Oopsie Poopsie

Toilet Spray I Assorted I Bundle-Package I 2oz by Oopsie Poopsie

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Never be ashamed of your poop smell again! Use Oopsie Poopsie, your personal pre-poo toilet odor eliminator! With a simple before-you-go spray design, Oopsie Poopsie will keep bathrooms everywhere smelling fresh. Unlike air fresheners and other sprays, Oopsie Poopsie doesn't just mask foul smells, it sprays an essential-oil layer in toilets that blocks and prevents odors from happening in the first place. Don't get caught pooping in a public restroom without these conveniently travel sized fresheners. Each bottle contains 2 FL oz/60 ml, perfect for when you need to go on the go. Be Nice? Spray Twice! Simply shake well then spray twice (or as desired) directly into the toilet before releasing. Inspired by nature, 100% essential oil-based product. 

About this item

  • DOING YOUR BUSINESS WITH CONFIDENCE; Made in the USA With a 100% essential oil base, our advanced formula completely traps odors in the toilet. Surrounding you with any of our 8 freshest unique fragrances that will discreetly fill your nose and space of peace while protecting your pride.
  • ULTRA-PORTABLE AND DISCREET: This personal toilet spray bottle has a convenient travel size. Easy and safe to store with no leaks, just 2-6 sprays will do the trick with your favorite scent.
  • LIGHT SCENT YET POWERFUL ON HEAVY LOADS: It’s a powerful bathroom air freshener and a bathroom must-have, just 2-6 spritzes will target strong, lingering smells at the source and destroy them. Not just a pre-poo spray, Oopsie Poopsie can also be used post-poo too.
  • STAY COMFORTABLE WHILE YOU GO: If getting comfortable is what it takes to poop, this pre-poop spray is for you. Oopsie Poopsie will help you comfortably GO to the office or school bathroom, on vacation with friends, spending the weekend at your partner's place, and anywhere with a working bathroom.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; We care about making a great Prior-to-GO spray, with the strength to destroy odor and keep you and your surroundings happy. If you have any questions or concerns, our user-friendly customer service is available 24/7

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Why Choose Oopsie Poopsie Toilet Sprays?

Natural and Safe for Your Family and Home

At Oopsie Poopsie, we believe that cleaning products shouldn't compromise your health or the environment. That's why our Toilet Spray I Assorted I Bundle-Package I 2oz by Oopsie Poopsie is made with natural and non-toxic ingredients that are safe. Our formula contains essential oils that neutralize odors, and leave a fresh and pleasant fragrance. Plus, using Oopsie Poopsie Toilet Spray can reduce the need for harsh chemicals and cleaners, making it eco-friendly. With our Toilet Spray I Assorted I Bundle-Package I 2oz by Oopsie Poopsie, you can enjoy a clean and fresh bathroom without any worries about harmful chemicals.

Scents for Every Mood

Our toilet sprays come in a variety of scents to match any mood. Feeling refreshed? Try our Flower Citrus or Wild Mint scents. Need a pick-me-up? Our Lavender Escape or Morning Shower scents will invigorate your senses. Want something more calming? Our Mediterranean Sage or Berry Fresh scents will help you relax. With Oopsie Poopsie Toilet Sprays, you can customize your bathroom experience and enjoy a fresh and pleasant fragrance every time you use the toilet.


Never worry about unpleasant bathroom odors again with our 100% essential oil-based formula. Unlike traditional air fresheners and sprays, Oopsie Poopsie creates an essential oil barrier in the toilet, preventing any unwanted odors from escaping. Each bottle contains 2 FL oz/60 ml, making it the perfect travel companion. Simply shake well and spray twice directly into the toilet before use. Our product features a unique scent that is light yet powerful enough to tackle even the heaviest of loads.

With its ultra-portable and discreet design, Oopsie Poopsie can be easily stored and taken anywhere. Stay comfortable while you go with our pre-poo spray that is perfect for office, school, or vacation bathrooms. Plus, not only does it work as a pre-poo spray, but it can also be used post-poo.

At Oopsie Poopsie, we are dedicated to providing a product that truly works. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 customer service. Trust us to keep you and your surroundings happy and odor-free.

Ingredients That Make a Difference

At Oopsie Poopsie, we believe in using only the finest ingredients to create our odor-eliminating sprays. Our essential oil-based formula contains only the highest quality components to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our sprays are created with your comfort in mind, and the ingredients we use are specifically selected to ensure a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.

Our sprays are made in the USA and contain only essential oils that are derived from natural sources. These oils have been carefully chosen for their unique and effective properties, such as their antimicrobial and antibacterial effects. Unlike other toilet sprays that simply mask odors, Oopsie Poopsie's essential-oil layer works to block and prevent foul smells from occurring in the first place.

With Oopsie Poopsie, you can feel confident that you are using a high-quality product that is gentle on the environment and effective at eliminating bathroom odors. Our essential oil-based sprays are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their bathroom smelling fresh and clean, whether at home or on the go. We take pride in our products and are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you.